Centering words

Today those in our bubble may walk along a road near to our house. In these COVID-19 times keeping our social distance requires us not to come too close to another walking near us, and we may not easily have the opportunity to recognise the Christ in a fellow walker.

There may be a sign. Do our hearts suddenly burn within us as we receive a thumbs up, a greeting, a smile, or some other friendly gesture? Or is it in that moment we see a bear in a window, seemingly watching us walk by?

Do we feel moved to respond enthusiastically?

As we walk down the road of life, do we look for Christ … and are we prepared to find him in those we encounter.

“Sharing of the Peace”

Regularly in our services we have a time to share the Peace, to say to others in the Church, “the Peace of Christ be with you”. Today we invite you to contact someone outside of your bubble and greet them with a “Wishing you the blessings of Sunday. The Peace of Christ be with you.”


God of mutual love, we pray that the imperishable seed of faith is planted within us this day. May we nurture the roots of life and hope within our souls so that our hearts might burn within us when we hear your voice. We pray that during times of suffering and doubt you help us grow strong and true. It is our prayer that you reveal your presence to us, and that we are moved to respond to your love and compassion and reflect this to all those we encounter on the way.

God of Easter hope, it is easy to dismiss your resurrection signs in the world we live in. When we fail to recognise you on the road, speak your enduring word to us, so that our hearts may yearn to know you better. When we meet you on the road may we invite you to stay with us, so that our eyes may be opened to your life-giving presence. During times of confusion and doubt, open our eyes to the many ways you reveal yourself to us, so that we may have confidence to proclaim the miracle of Easter.

Christ of shocking surprises, disrupt my blindness – all the things about my existence I take for granted— that I may truly see the disruptions to which you are calling me.