Poem - On the journey to Emmaus

On the journey to Emmaus with our hearts cold as a stone –
the one who would save us had left us alone.
Then a stranger walks with us and, to our surprise,
he opens our stories and he opens our eyes.

And our hearts burned within us as we talked along the way,
how all that was promised was ours on that day.
So we begged him, “Stay with us and grant us your word”.
We welcomed the stranger and we welcomed the Lord.

And that evening at the table as he blessed and broke the bread.
We knew it was Jesus arisen from the dead;
though he vanished before us we knew he was near –
the life in our dying and the hope in our fear.

On our journey to Emmaus with our stories and feast,
with Jesus we claim that the greatest is the least;
and his words burn within us – let none be ignored –
who welcomes the dying shall welcome the Lord.

Marty Haugen, 2006
Tune: COLUMEILLE, Together in Song No.287)