An Affirmation of Faith

As we continue to remember the events of this day …

let us commend ourselves once more into the hands of God.

We believe in God around us,
Dreamer and sustainer of life.
When there was nothing but an ocean of tears,
God sighed over the waters and dreamed a small dream:
light in the darkness,
a small planet in space.

We believe in God beside us,
Jesus as the Christ, dream made flesh.
When hate and fear were raging, when love was beaten down,
when hope was nailed and left to die,
Christ entered into our deep secret places
and went down into our death to find us.

We believe in God within us,
Spirit who empowers the dream,
who weeps with us in our despair,
who breathes on prison doors, never admitting it's hopeless,
always expecting the bars to bend and sway
and break forth into blossom.