Easter 2 - 19 April 2020 - Auckland Methodist Central Parish

This is a "Virtual Order of Service".  At the end of each page, click Next to proceed to the next section:

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You are invited to follow this "service" in your own time. You may wish to experience everything in the order it is presented, or take parts of it as suits you.  Sound and video clips are embedded: Click on the player to listen/watch. Sing along if you wish!

The "virtual flower arrangement" for today comes from the garden of Ryan Stevens.


Rev. Ian Faulkner


Preambulum in g, Anonymous (Polish, 16th or 17th Century)

“Sharing of the Peace”

Regularly in our services we have a time to share the Peace, to say to others in the Church, “the Peace of Christ be with you”. Today we invite you to contact someone outside of your bubble and greet them with a “Wishing you the blessings of Sunday. The Peace of Christ be with you.”