Service for 12 September 2021 - Auckland Methodist Central Parish


You are invited to follow this "service" in your own time. You may wish to experience everything in the order it is presented, or take parts of it as suits you. Sound and video clips are embedded: Click on the player to listen/watch. Sing along if you wish!



Prelude:           Handel Quire – ‘O Praise the Lord’                                                     [6:15min]

(recorded in Pitt Street Methodist Church)


Welcome and introduction:  Ian – video   




Hymn:              ‘Tree of life and awesome mystery’                                                   [2:25min]

Marty Haugen

Upper Clyde Parish Church, Abington, Scotland, UK

Our prayers for others:           Sonia – video                                                               [3:25min]


The Lord’s Prayer in Tongan – Ko e Lotu ‘A E ‘Eiki                                                     [2:46min]

(recognising that this is Tongan Language Week)

Note for viewers: As with the previous Youtube clip, we do not have control over any links or follow-on videos presented in this player. 

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Reading:          Mark 8: 27 – 38

To read the text of this Bible passage online, you may click here


Reflection:       Samuela Fifita – video and script                                                        [10:20min]


Hymn:              ‘Make me a channel of your peace’                                                   [2:28min]

Solo - Droitwich Spa Salvation Army



Blessing and Leave Taking:     Ian – video                                                                   [3:09min]



Invitation to join us for Morning Tea

or  Meeting ID: 187 731 533