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Palm Sunday

Pitt St Methodist Church — 5 April 2020


"Benedictus" from "Mass for the Parishes" - François Couperin (composed approx 1690)

(Walter Nicholls, recorded in his garage at home in lock-down)


On this day, the day that begins ‘Holy Week’, we still ourselves to join with God.
In these uncertain times may we turn our backs on the powers that grasp and control, and open our hearts to the Son of God riding on a donkey.
Even though we are in social isolation in our bubbles, let us join his parade, and feel surrounded by all of his followers, especially those on the margins of society, even if today we are only able to do this in spirit.
Let us follow the one who brought freedom and peace, and be mindful of the abandoned and oppressed in these difficult times.
Let us shout for joy at Christ’s coming and join with his disciples throughout the generations in acknowledgement of those worshipping today.
May we touch and see as God draws near to each of us. He’s riding a donkey in triumph towards the cross.