Hymn - Come into the streets with me

[As we journey through a time of ‘lockdown’ and ‘social isolation’, we recognise that we can’t
physically go into the streets with the crowds. We look forward to a time when we will be able to
greet our family, friends, neighbours and strangers in the street once more and joyfully sing words
that greet God and proclaim words of justice and truth.]

Come into the streets with me!
Come to where the crowds will be,
see a strange and gentle king
on a donkey travelling – 

Come and follow my leader,
come and follow my leader,
Jesus Christ is riding by,
come and follow my leader!

All the people shout his name,
waving branches, sing his fame,
throw their coats upon this road,
glad to praise the son of God –


If soldiers draw their swords,
will we dare to sing these words?
be his friends for just a day,
cheer him on, then run away?


Jesus goes where things are rough,
Jesus knows when life is tough,
always comes to us, his friends,
So his story never ends …. 


Follow along with the organ:

If the embedded player does not work, then download FollowLeader-StGeorge.mp3 and use the media player on your computer 

Shirley Murray
MHB # 962