[When we come out of this tunnel, and we will, it has to open us out into a better place, where justice, kindness, compassion rules. Not only because those qualities are good, but because they are necessary for our survival and our flourishing as human beings.]

God of what is yet to be
you hold our future in your hands
in the midst of our affliction,
help us to dream of a new heaven and a new earth
and prepare a better place in this land
for all the people who call Aotearoa home.

[St. Aidans Presbyterian Church, Northcote]

We pray for our nation, our community, our friends, our families and for ourselves in these challenging times.
In Jesus name we pray.


In the hours and days and week ahead, Christ goes with us, leading the way.
Where Christ leads, may we follow.
We journey together with humanity in a quest to recognise the importance of the cross.
Where Christ leads, may we follow.