Service for 24 May 2020 - Auckland Methodist Central Parish

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Easter 7 - Wesley Day

You are invited to follow this "service" in your own time. You may wish to experience everything in the order it is presented, or take parts of it as suits you. Sound and video clips are embedded: Click on the player to listen/watch. Sing along if you wish!

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Welcome - Rev Ian Faulkner

Introit - "This is the Day"  by Ron Dellow

This was recorded by the Pitt St Methodist Choir in (we think) the late 1970s, conducted by the composer. The recording (on cassette tape) has recently been "unearthed" and digitised.

Hymn - Great and deep the Spirit’s purpose

Great and deep the Spirit’s purpose,
hidden now in mystery,
nature bursts with joyful promise,
ripe with what is yet to be.
In a wealth of rich invention,
still the work of art unfolds:
barely have we seen, and faintly,
what God’s great salvation holds.

Great and deep the Spirit’s purpose,
making Jesus seen and heard.
Every age of God’s creation
grasps new meaning from the Word.
Show us, Holy Spirit, show us
your new work begun today:
eyes and ears and hearts are open,
teach us what to do and say.

Great and deep the Spirit’s purpose:
all God’s children brought to birth,
freed from hunger, fear and evil
every corner of the earth,
and a million million voices
speak with joy the Saviour’s name;
every face reflects his image,
never any two the same.

Great and deep the Spirit’s purpose,
nothing shall be left to chance.
All that lives will be united
in the everlasting dance.
All fulfilled and all perfected,
each uniquely loved and known,
Christ in glory unimagined
once for all receives his own.

Marnie Barrell
Tune – Brunel (Colin Gibson)



Opening Sentences

As a workman gathers his tools -
As a poet gathers her images -
As a musician gathers his band -
As a scholar gathers her arguments -
As a writer gathers his stories -
As a preacher gathers her texts -
So God gathers people for service.

We come together in our ordinary, homely, sacred places once more.
May we continue to create in our homes a circle of love that’s ever expanding and ever growing. These will be places of wisdom, places of connection, and places of hope.

Creator God, spinner, weaver of our lives, your loom is love.
May we who gather remotely this morning be empowered by that love to weave new patterns of truth and justice into a web of life that is strong, beautiful, and everlasting.

Acknowledgement: Rex Hunt Liturgies for 24 May 2020.