Hymn - Blessed is he who comes


Blessed is he who comes,
comes in the name of the Lord,
comes in love and peace to bring
hope for all in need.
With palm leaves and with garments,
with songs, hosannas too
we will join that happy throng 
and sing that song.

He comes to bring to the city,
bring to the sacred temple
words of justice and truth,
words with power to redeem.
Let us now journey with him,
follow his disciple band,
sing and shout our loud hosannas,
watch him stand.

Blessed is he who comes
into the sacred courtyard,
place of faith, of hope of prayer,
place of nurture and care.
Here Jesus takes his stand,
tosses tables, whip in hand,
a den of thieves this shall not be,
but of prayer.

We will today stand with him.
Stand now for faith, for God,
stand against all evil foes,
that exploit for gain.
As we sing loud hosannas,
join with that ancient throng,
let us take our stand with Jesus,
fight all wrong.

Let us take our stand with Jesus,
Sing aloud this song.

Follow along with the organ (verse starts at 0m 26s, after the introduction):

If the embedded player does not work, then download Dambusters-BlessedIsHeWhoComes.mp3 and use the media player on your computer 


Words © Norman Brookes
Tune = DAM BUSTER’S MARCH (final section) – Eric Coates
Used with permission, CCLI 110047