Reflection - "Covenant" - Ana Wightman

Hymn - Love is your way

Love is your way,
love is our nature,
blessing each creature,
lighting each day;
grace is your sign,
gift of forgiveness,
chalice that changes
water to wine —

God in your grace,
God in your mercy,
turn us to you to transform the world,
turn us to you to transform the world!

Pathways we choose,
undeserved freedom,
earth as our kingdom,
still we abuse;
much we have done,
gross human error,
misuse of power
darkens the sun —

God in your grace ...

Terror and tears,
wounds without healing,
hearts without feeling
mirror our fears:
life without trust,
greed and high prices,
conflict and crisis
grind us to dust —

God in your grace ...

Let us stand still,
look at each other,
sister and brother
thwarting your will:
teach us good care,
grace to seek pardon,
reclaim your garden,
riches to share —

God in your grace ...

(Organ plays short introduction before verse starts)

Words Shirley Erena Murray
Music Per Harling

Hope is our Song No. 95