Welcome and Introduction                 - Ian



Introit                          Tama Ngakau Marie                           Conference Musical Group


                        Son of peace                                                         Wipe away our sins

                                Son of God                                                            and unshackle

                                here we are always                                              these evil ties

                                show us compassion.                                          that are so troublesome.


                                Trample down                                                      Grant that we may have love

                                things evil to you                                                 for You who died

                                lest they gather strength,                                   may this be so Jesus,

                                all evil deeds.                                                        that you lead us.


                                                                This is where we wish to be led

                                                                to a good end,

                                                                overcoming darkness

                                                                and attaining paradise.



Prayer                                                 - Ian