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Now I have two assets that have come in,

  • The words and copyright info  (in a document from Ian)
  • Audio recording from Walter - supplied as a ready-to-go MP3 file

Uploading the audio:  See Uploading Audio and Video via Media Manager

You don't have to do it the way I do it, but I suggest using the "Hymn" template.  See Editing a service - content templates for a bit more on templates.


Now look at all the TODO items - I can change the title,  paste in the lyrics and the author/tune/copyright information.

The Audio link is a bit difficult. You need to paste in the path to the MP3 file, WITHOUT The images/audio bit  and also without the .mp3 on the end, but with the rest of the path (month/year).  Look carefully in the picture below:

See the MP3 player link: 


A mistake here can result in a subtle audio player that won't play: notice how the duration is shown as "0:00" :

Here's what it should look like (and the play button will work, too!):

Bonus - image with the music

Having said that I was working through this service strictly in order ,  I have another hymn which has been provided with the tune as an image. This helps some people who don't know a tune, or how to fit the words.

Walter provides tunes in PNG format, 900 pixels wide. This is dead simple to insert

  • Upload the image in the same way as any other picture
  • At the end of the heading, just press enter for a new line
  • Use the "Image" button on formatting toolbar to insert the picture:


and the result:



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