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The continuing story working through an actual virtual service example - August 29, 2021.

Now I've come to ..

The prayer for this day-  an audio contribution

I've been sent an audio clip from Ian as a Quicktime file (.mov  or for some reason, .mp4)

Unfortunately this needs to be converted to MP3 before the most web browsers can play it.  I use Audacity for this.  Many , many other programs could also be used.

Tutorial - to use Audacity: Using Audacity to convert an audio clip to MP3

Ok.  then upload the MP3 using media manager: Uploading Audio and Video via Media Manager

And finally, insert using the mp3   plugin.  Put the file name, between the curly tags. This is the same as with a hymn. Once again, be VERY CAREFUL of the right bits of the path - leave off the 'images/audio' and the '.mp3':

(Don't worry about all the red squiggly marks because the computer is trying to spellcheck a filename)

I've also been given the text of these prayers. I could include here straightaway, but I'm going to leave it for the moment, because this one is quite big and I can use it to illustrate another point.


Bible Reading

Once again, this has arrived as an audio clip.

Now though, I use a template ... "Bible Reading link to".  Documentation on the bible reading here: Getting links from

IN short though..

Which gives the template with its to-dos:

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