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The continuing story working through an actual virtual service example - August 29, 2021. Time for the reflection


Video - on Vimeo

This is the same deal as before. Upload to Vimeo and insert the link.

Note:  The reflection video files I get from Ian are very large (often close to a Gigabyte).  This is ok, but if - and only if- you have the skills to reduce it down, you could save a lot of disk space. It has only once been a problem, though. 

Putting the script online

I have the full text of the reflection as a Word document, and some people like to read it as text.

I'm running out of time to document

So... read Posting a new Reflections article (sermon,blog post) and Editing a service - content templates

Steps basically are:

  • Create the reflection article (first help link above)
  • Get the article ID   (second help link above - scroll down to "Reflection text modal popup link")
  • Insert a popup link using Content Template: "Reflection text modal popup"

Other pop-ups

This technique can also be used for prayers, although in that case use a different category for the popup article:  Prayers and Texts.

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