Act of Awareness

As we gather in this virtual service,
we pause again to reflect, to feel, and to commit
to thoughtful and mindful intention.

We wonder once more about the ebb and flow
of this living, breathing, expanding universe …
and of our community.

We give our attention right now
to each other,
to fresh beginnings,
to this time,
to this season.

We celebrate this Spring day,
and the new challenges and possibilities it brings.
Nature in our world is beginning to bloom again.

May this time spent in sacred space, empower us
to once again be open-eyed and open-sensed
to the beauty and the oneness
of all people and things.

Into this day will break moments of awareness,
tiny shards of light that illumine
the reality of existence.
May we be blessed by their gift!

Hymn - Let all creation dance

Let all creation dance
in energies sublime,
as order turns with chance,
unfolding space and time,
for nature’s art
in glory grows,
and newly shows
God’s mind and heart.

God’s breath each force unfurls,
igniting from a spark
expanding starry swirls,
with whirlpools dense and dark.
though moon and sun
seem mindless things,
each orbit sings:
‘Your will be done.’

Our own amazing earth,
with sunlight, cloud and storms
and life’s abundant growth
in lovely shapes and forms,
is made for praise,
a fragile whole,
and from its soul
heaven’s music plays.

Life heart and soul and voice:
in Christ all praises meet
and nature shall rejoice
as all is made complete.
In hope be strong,
all life befriend
and kindly tend
creation’s song.

Brian Arthur Wren (1991)
Together in Song #187
Descant: Ron Dellow