As we journey onwards today

And now as we prepare to bring our community worship this morning to a conclusion,
bring to mind a flower that has been seen in all its glory this week.

Remember, that this flower will not retain its glorious beauty:
nothing remains constant in our world.

Remember this flower as a symbol of gratitude:
gratitude that we did not create this beauty,
the joy of which came unexpectantly.

Remember this flower as a symbol of our participation
in the community of our congregation,
in the community of human-kind,
in the community of all living things,
in the universal community.
Remember this flower as a symbol that
beauty and grace and joy and love
are not matters of reciprocity.

In our world we cannot earn or deserve
that which is most important.
It comes to us as a gift.

We hold this truth in our hearts today, tomorrow and for the days ahead.



Go forth in peace to love and serve the Lord. Amen

Benediction No.2 from A Collection of Choral Introits and Benedictions (2011)- C.O. Beck
Pitt St morning choir recorded for this virtual service