Reflection - Rev. Ian Faulkner

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Our prayers for others

Ian and Sonia

We pray for the unwise. We want to act wisely; grant us wisdom.
We pray for those we love. We pray for those we have never met.
We pray for those who are lonely. We pray for those who are sad.
We pray for victims of war. We will work for peace.
We pray for those struggling with addiction. We pray for patience and compassion.
We pray for those without hope. Grant us tangible hope to share with all.
We pray for those who are weary. May their burdens be shared.
We pray for our enemies. Help us to love as you love us.
We pray for those who have been silenced. Enable us to share their song with others.
We pray for the hungry. May all the world share the food we have.
Help us to live carefully. Help us to live wisely.
Help us to rejoice in all things. Help us to be grateful in all things.
In the name of your child - our wise teacher, we pray.
Amen Amen

And now we pray specifically for ourselves.


Our God, Holy Wisdom, we open the windows of our hearts to you.
Help us to breathe in deeply of Your Spirit.

Feed us with your bread of life;
inspire us with your awesome presence
so that we might more fully become the people you have called us to be.