A Litany for the Saints       Tony



Let us now remember our saints –

those who have been friends and family, companions and guides;

those whose example, wisdom and courage has spoken to us from across the generations of the church.


Lord we give thanks for the witness of your saints…

the prophets,

the first disciples to follow Jesus,

the apostles who preached to Jew and Gentile,

who reflected on the mystery of Christ,

who carried the Gospel to new lands,

who showed deep commitment to the poor,

who reflected on the mystery of God,

who challenged your church,

who did not fear the powers of injustice and oppression,

who showed the way of justice,

the martyrs and peacemakers,

For all the unsung heroes and heroines of our faith,

For all in our own lives who have revealed to us the love of God and shown us the way to holiness.

Living and mysterious God,

calling us to recognize our communion with your saints,

making us holy as we allow your Spirit to shape us,

empowering us to follow in the path of the Nazarene,

we give you thanks for their example,

we are awed by the cost they bore,

we are disarmed by their laughter and compassion,

we are drawn through their narrow gate to glory.

Jim Cotter