"Now let us sing" - Pitt St morning choir, recorded during the service 21 June 2020. Organist Colin Waters.

Lift up your hearts, be not afraid, Sing to the power of the (Faith/Hope/Joy ) within!

Call to worship

Composed by Judy Robinson, read by Ian & Sonia Faulkner

There is a dew upon the ground;
God’s blessing of life evermore.

There is a song in the air;
God’s presence in joyful melody.

Look! Behold how good and pleasant it is
when God’s people are together.

It’s like the touch of precious oil on our skin,
reminding us that we are God’s own.

Look! Behold how good and pleasant it is
when we are together in worship!

It is more precious than gold,
more perfect than any achievement.

Come, people of God.
Let us worship in thanksgiving and praise.

And let us feel the anointing of God
like the oil of forgiveness and the balm of healing.

Come, let us worship.


Sharing of the peace

Regularly in our services we have a time to share the Peace, to say to others in the Church, “the Peace of Christ be with you”. Today we invite you to contact someone outside of your bubble and greet them with a “Wishing you the blessings of Sunday. The Peace of Christ be with you.”