Hymn - We come unto our parents’ God

We come unto our parents’ God;
their rock is our salvation;
the eternal arms, their dear abode,
we make our habitation;
we bring thee, Lord, the praise they brought,
we seek thee as thy saints have sought
in every generation.

The fire driving their steps that led
still goeth bright before us;
the heavenly shield around them spread
continues still to guard us;
the grace those sinners that subdued,
the strength those weaklings that renewed,
doth vanquish, doth restore us.

Their joy unto the Lord we bring;
their song to us descendeth;
the Spirit who in them did sing
to us his music lendeth;
his song in them, in us, is one;
we raise it high, we send it on,
the song that never endeth.

Ye saints to come, take up the strain,
the same sweet them endeavour:
unbroken be the golden chain,
keep on the song forever;
safe in the same dear dwelling-place,
rich with the same eternal grace,
bless the same boundless giver.

Thomas Hornblower Gill
Reproduced from WOV 387

Organist: Walter Nicholls (recorded at home)


Prayer for Today

Loving creator, we gather to witness to your presence today.
May what comes out of our lives be filled with your grace.

As we take in the beauty of music, the wisdom of words,
the nourishment of silence, and the strength of fellowship,
may the thoughts and actions that emerge from our lives
be inspired by your creativity, and grounded in your truth.

Help us to recognise ourselves as part of your creation,
and to believe that you do not hold us away in anger,
but draw us near in forgiveness and joy.

Help us to feel the embrace of your rejoicing heart
as we join with you today and assure us
of your unending forgiveness and love, we pray.

Lead us today to reconnect with one another,
abandoning our brokenness and failures.
Show us the ways of forgiveness, which allow new life
and paths to healing.

Forgive us, we pray, and show us how to forgive.
In the name of Jesus, our Christ, we pray.