Hymn - Miracle of Life unfolding

This video clip was recorded in Pitt St church on Wednesday 27 May - the words are shown on the video, or repeated below.

Miracle of life unfolding,
dazzling to our watchful eyes,
far beyond full comprehension,
secrets of the earth and sky.
Each advance of understanding
each new piece of knowledge gained
leaves the soul amazed and humbles,
child-like wonder yet remains.

Nature teams with life abundant,
stunning in variety,
shape and size and colour diff’ring,
wondrous in complexity.
From a high, majestic mountain
to the colours of a shell,
life has much to teach of diff’rence,
rich we be to learn it well.

Filled with joy we stand in wonder
at the life in which we share,
gratefully we find our spirits
sensing glory everywhere.
Sun and moon and tiny creature
in their beauty stir the heart,
leading us to sacred duty,
call us well to do our part.

Scott Kearns (2009), Sing it Forward

These photos are of the pipe organ in Epsom Methodist Church: The pipes you can see, and many more pipes that hide behind them: