Parting Words

When we hear the rushing wind and recognise holy fire, we are assured of our place in the world, with God at our side, alongside all of God’s creation.

When we see hope rekindled, when visions are birthed and when dreams are restored the Holy Spirit of God inspires us.

When we know spacious grace and recognise we have new depths to explore, we can confidently proclaim ‘best of all, we are with God’.


Spirit of truth:
guide us into all the truth;
consume the lies that shroud the world in hate;
pray in us with sighs too deep for words;
and let the victim’s voice ring out
with hope for a new world;
through Jesus Christ who goes to the right hand of God.

Acknowledgement: Diana Butler Bass
Pentecost, Prejudice, and Pandemic, May 31, 2020
In response to the death of George Floyd in the USA last Monday.


Organ Concerto Op 4. No.1 (First movement) - George Frederich Handel.

This piece of music was written for orchestra and chamber organ. Here it is arranged for one much larger organ by Walter Nicholls. The orchestra parts are played on the upper two manuals (keyboards for hands) and the pedals; the chamber organ part is played on the bottom manual. Thanks to Becky Murray-Nicholls for assistance with the recording equipment.