Hymn in response - Pentecost Song

Make spaces for the Spirit! For energy rising,
for Pentecost presence, the wind and the fire,

a new kind of language, a voice and a vision
to shift and uplift us, to rouse and inspire.

Make spaces for action by spirited people:
the leader, the teacher, the healer of ill,

the builder, the artist, the bringer of laughter,
the melding and welding of spirit and will.

Make spaces for graces, the gifts of the Spirit,
the fruit of the garden where love is the spring,

the water of blessing, the incense of worship,
the wine poured for sharing, the hope what will sing.

Makes spaces for Spirit by changing of systems,
by opening prisons, by debtors’ release,

the flaming of courage, the firing of justice,
the Spirit of Jesus, the coming of peace.

Shirley Erena Murray (2001)
Tune = ERENA, Colin Gibson, HoS #96

Guitar,Organ,Bass: Ryan & Walter Nicholls